Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall in Provo

Just a few shots around the house and up the canyon mostly at sunset and sunrise.

Moonrise over the Wasatch Mountains.

Undergrowth in the aspens along the side yard.

Maples and fire bush. Yellow Norway maple hangs over a smaller red orange native Utah Bigtooth maple and on the left a bright red winged euonymus, also called fire bush.

Bridal Veil falls in the early morning light up Provo Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Sunset colors in the sky over the cottonwood and maple trees.

Purple alyssum, the last of the summer flowers in the front garden.

Limestones of the Oquirrh Formation in the Wasatch Mountains of Provo Canyon in the early morning.

Remnants of the summer garden. The tomatillos and tomatoes that didn't quite make it.

Burr oak acorns in the gutter in front of the house.

Another view of moonrise over the sunset colored Wasatch Mountains.