Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Few Photos from the Archives

Thistle Landslide in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah in the spring of 2000.

Light green Jurassic Curtis Formation atop the brown stripes of the Summerville Formation on the San Rafael Swell, Utah

Light greenish gray beds of the Tertiary Green River Formation overlying red beds of the Wasatch Formation in southwestern Wyoming.

Scenic San Rafael Swell, Utah.

Spring flowers on the San Rafael Swell, Utah.

Light green beds of the Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation above the purples and reds of the Jurassic Morrison Formation near the Dalton Wells dinosaur quarry north of Moab, Utah.

Red blossoms bloom on a cactus in springtime on the San Rafael Swell, Utah.

In this photo, the brick red Triassic Moenkopi Formation is at the base of the cliff. It is overlain by a greenish and purplish slope of the Triassic Chinle Formation (with the prominent Black Ledge Member near the top of this formation). At the top of the cliff is the massive sandstone cliff of the Triassic (and perhaps partly Jurassic) Wingate Sandstone.

Rock art in the Tertiary Green River Formation of Wyoming. This circular feature is call a concretion.

Sandstones and coal beds of the Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation just west of Helper, Utah.

Vineyards stretch across the Sonoma Valley, California in the spring of 2000.

Clear Lake, California located north of the Sonoma Valley.