Friday, November 21, 2008

Jurassic Rocks near Page, Arizona

Pink cross beds in the Page Sandstone, near Judd Hollow, Arizona.

Ancient sand dune in the Navajo Sandstone.

Lake Powell, near Wahweap marina.

Pink cliffs of the Tertiary age Claron Formation.

Slot canyons in Judd Hollow, Arizona.

Concretions in the Page Sandstone.

Fossil mudcracks in the 170 million-year-old Page Sandstone.

Jurassic rocks in Judd Hollow, Arizona.

Colorful cross beds in the Page Sandstone near Judd Hollow, Arizona.

Cliff of Navajo Sandstone, capped by Harris Wash and Judd Hollow Members of the Carmel Formation. Photo taken in Judd Hollow.

Sandstone hoodoos south of Page, Arizona in the Carmel Formation.

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Microraptor said...

That’s a nice photograph of the Page Sandstone mudcracks. I’ve been looking for a good image of Mesozoic mudcracks to use in an anti-creationism project I’m working on, since the presence of mudcracks in Mesozoic rocks shows that these rocks can’t have formed during a global flood. (Mud can’t dry while it’s underwater.) Would it be all right if I were to use your photograph as part of my project? I’d give you credit for it, of course.