Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Western Utah Flowers

A few flower photos from the western Utah desert. (Click on the photos to see a larger view).

Dwarf Indian Paintbrush in Marjum Pass, House Range, Utah

Yellow spikes for which I have no name (if you know it let me know) near Ibex, Utah.

Here's a pretty white flower for which I don't know the name near Ibex, Utah.

Orange flowers (another one for which I don't know the name) near Ibex, Utah.

Pink phlox amidst the cheat grass in Marjum Pass, House Range.
(All photos were taken by Urthman, and may not be republished without permission)


Jacque fivas said...

I like the idea of your pictures of wildflowers. I'll see if I can find some in my wildflower book.

Chris in Arid Austin said...

Orange flower is Globemallow, Sphaeralcea sp.

Four Corners Foodie said...

The "Dwarf Indian Paintbrush" are called "Desert Paintbrush". The tall yellow spiked flowers are "Foxtails".