Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 2011 in New York City

Images (some digitally modified) from my trip to New York City in September 2011. All images are copy protected and require permission for use. [Click on the images for a larger view]

The Statue of Liberty taken from Lower Manhattan.

Skyscrapers south of Central Park.

View looking south in Central Park.

View through the trees of Central Park looking southwest.

Bridge of the Pond in Central Park.

Turtle basking in the sun on the edge of The Pond, Central Park.

Outcrops of schist and gneiss in Central Park.

The Pond in the southeast corner of Central Park.

Inside the World Financial Center (yes that is a car hanging upside down).

Twin Towers Memorial, with flag reflecting from the one hanging on the new One World Trade Center.

The new One World Trade Center still under construction.

The new One World Trade Center still under construction.

Architect drawing of what the finished World Trade Center Site will look like when it is finished in about 2013.


Leanna said...

Very nice dad! I wish I could have been there!

Jill said...

Nice Bart...Gosh, you are the 3rd person this year that I know that has gone to New York. Must be something pretty exciting there. My friend told me that after a week they couldn't wait to leave because of the crowds and chaos, but they saw some amazing sites.