Friday, September 21, 2012

Ferry Bluff on the Wisconsin River

Yesterday I visited Ferry Bluff on the Wisconsin River west of Sauk City with assorted nephews, nieces, in-laws, and out-laws. It was a beautiful day and the first time all summer that I have done any hiking (even though it was a fairly short hike). It was good to be able to tag along with the rest of the family and visit a spot that my brother-in-law, Douglas Clark, loved to visit. He would have enjoyed the trip.

David Clark, Julee Kowallis, Steven Clark, Karen Clark, Adrienne Celt, Kimberly Madison, Rachel Robinson, Ryan Clark, Aaron Robinson, Karl Kowallis standing atop Ferry Bluff.

Looking west along the Wisconsin River from Ferry Bluff.

 Sandbar across the Wisconsin River south of Ferry Bluff.

Late summer asters in bloom along the sandstone outcrops of the bluffs.

The Wisconsin River from Ferry Bluff, looking to the east.

Cross-bedded Cambrian sandstones underlie the bluffs and are exposed here because the ice-age glaciers that covered most of Wisconsin did not cover this area, known as the "driftless area."

Bright lichens on a juniper tree atop the bluffs.

Wild grape vines lit by the late summer sun.

Blue harebells grow well in the sandy soil on top of the bluff.

This year's drought has stressed many of the trees including this oak that is trying its best to show its colors for fall even with many of the leaves half dead.

The boardwalk atop the bluff is knotted together with rope.

 Juniper roots are exposed in places along the sandy top of the bluffs.

The vertical tubes on this face of the weathered sandstones of Ferry Bluff were made by ancient animals that burrowed into the sand along the Cambrian sea.

Ferry Bluffs is truly a beautiful place and well worth the time to visit.

Map showing the location of Ferry Bluff with Sauk City to the northeast along the Wisconsin River.

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Jill said...

These are wonderful shots of a wonderful place. I would certainly love to visit there. glad you got the opportunity.