Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sights of the Old Clark Ranch, Montana

A few more pictures of our recent trip to Montana. These are from the area around my brother-in-law's ranch. You can view more pictures of Montana on these earlier posts
The old wagon wheel.

Log fence along roadway.

One of the penstemon/beardtongue family members that likes fairly dry locations. I'm not sure of the species. Maybe you can figure it out from this Montana government web site.

Looks like a sluice box used in placer mining on wheels.

The Big Hole River in the backyard.

Unfortunately, the prickly pear cacti were not in bloom yet.

The old wagon is missing a couple of key parts.

 Sagebrush by the river.

The stairway to heaven. Access from the house down to the Big Hole River.

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